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Julius Meinl is a leading coffee company in Austria, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe.

Julius Meinl Industrieholding GmbH operates in over 70 countries with over 650 employees worldwide. Its business focuses on coffee, tea and fruit preserves with coffee being the most important category. Julius Meinl serves more than 40,000 customers worldwide every day.

“Julius Meinl Coffee inspires 5 Million people daily, and more than 2 billion every year!”

Julius Meinl production facilities

Our coffees are roasted in one of our roasting plants located in Vienna and Italy. We adhere to the typical Viennese roasting process.

Roasting plant Vicenza – Italy

  • Since 2005
  • Situated in Northern Italy
  • Modern technology
  • Focused on darker, Italian roasts

Roasting plant Vienna – Austria

  •  Since 1911
  • Situated in the historical building in Julius Meinl-Gasse, Vienna
  • Focused on Viennese roasts