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Η τέλεια κούπα καφέ

A Guide to your Perfect Coffee

Our coffee buyers, tasters and the production team apply the highest standards of quality, which guarantees impeccable beans. However, the perfect coffee in the cup will depend on your own final preparations.
A set of basic barista information is provided in the following pages in order to get perfect results out of the best beans from Julius Meinl.

The perfect espresso

For a perfect espresso, you have to get the very best out of the beans. Consider the following parameters:

Water temperature
Water quality (“medium hard” water referring to German degrees)
Amount of the ground coffee (7 to 8 grams for 30 ml of espresso )
Amount of the espresso (30 ml espresso including crema)
Time of extraction (ideally 20-30 seconds)
Tamping weight (around 15 to 20 kilograms; depending on grinding level & amount of ground coffee)

Quick-check for perfectly extracted coffee

Step by step preparation for an espresso

“The perfect coffee in the cup will depend on your final preparations”

The perfect milk foam

To prepare the perfect milk foam, focus on the basics:

    Use a chilled metal pitcher with wide, straight spout
    Use fresh and cold milk (4°C)
    The higher the protein value of your milk the better
    Use your hand to feel the temperature on the side of the pitcher while heating
    Milk becomes sweeter during heating
    Use a metal pitcher with the matching size: Medium = 2 cups, Large = 4 cups