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At Julius Meinl, we breathe and live our mission statement every single day.

“We want to contribute to make the world a more poetic and hence better place, for us and future generations, in small but meaningful steps.”

Marcel Löffler, CEO, Julius Meinl

We serve the best

Over 150 years of passion, experience, expertise and continuous improvement allow us to serve the best quality to our customers/consumers. We have always focused and will always focus on achieving the best product and service on the market.

We strive for excellence

We seek continuous improvement and drive changes. Our aim is to be unique and original on the market and to satisfy needs of customers and consumers with unique solutions. We want to be a step-ahead in the market.

We value our people

Our employees are our most important asset; they are the basis for our success. We appreciate diversity and build on their inspirations, unique skills and ideas. We want to provide an environment which is inspirational and open for changes and growth together with our people.

We foster entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has been the motor of success for the Company and we do everything to provide an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and leadership so that the unique and diverse skills of our people can unfold for the best of our customers/consumers.